I love to read. I love to do research. And I absolutely love to be prepared. So this whole TTC (trying to conceive for those who don’t know) and being pregnant thing was a HUGE inspiration for me to pour all of my free time into just those three things; planning, reading and researching. What I found though, was that reliable information is SCATTERED all over the place, in books, in articles online on both reputable and non-reputable websites, on phone App’s and from other women who have gone through the exact same thing.

I’ve even clicked through the top 10 rated pregnancy blogs of 2016 and didn’t like half the information I found! Alpha Mom had some good stuff, but I found it rather unorganized and hard to maneuver. A couple of the other ones I could hardly find any writing at all without clicking around 50 times! Ridiculous!! I like the way fit-pregnancy is written, but again, it was hard for me to find anything other than the week-by-week links. I loved the I like Beer and Babies blog. She’s great and funny! But again, hard to find good, reliable information there too. This was another good one. Down to earth, honest and useful. This website actually has a ton of great, accurate and cited information, but of course, it NEVER comes up in a Google search for something because its not a blog!

And naturally I hate that. I like everything in one place, in chronological order so I can find relevant information quickly without having to dig through a bunch of inaccurate or non-cited information first. So I’ve decided to mash a ton of REALLY good, important and well written information along with some of my personal experiences into this blog to help other crazy planning/researching women like me get a grip on this HUMUNGOUS change to life.

Please feel free to reach out about specific sources that I’ve used or where I’ve complied information from. I have certainly purchased a handful of books as well as pulled good information from a multitude of websites. I’d love for this to be a sounding board of ideas, thoughts and discussion regarding the numerous topics surrounding TTC, pregnancy and beyond.