Week 24

By week 24, your uterus has grown about 1.5-2 inches above your belly button. Common symptoms at this stage are heartburn, muscle cramps and fatigue. Your health care provider will likely recommend a glucose screen between now and week 28 to check for gestational diabetes.
This week, baby has begun to develop sleep/wake patterns, even if they aren’t apparent to you yet. Baby weighs about 1.25lbs and is about 12 inches long. Baby is beginning to deposit fat under its thin layer of skin. Baby may also be responding to sound, light and touching wiggling around :). Baby’s brain continues to develop neural pathways this week and surfactant is beginning to be produced within the lungs to help your baby take his or her first breath.


This week’s pics!

24 .JPG24 weeks.JPG










Baby is still about the size of an eggplant!

22-24 eggplant.jpg




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