My First Appointment (12 weeks)

I woke up with so much energy today (week 11 day 5)! Now, I know that half of that was due to the fact that our first appointment was this afternoon, and the anticipation was killing me. I got to the gym before work (which really hasn’t happened…well at all recently), ran 2.5 miles (!!!!) and still had energy to lift afterwards! No joke, I haven’t had that kind of energy since before we found out we were having a baby! And ALL day long, I had butterflies in my stomach. I had no idea what to expect at that first appointment but I was so excited to finally see our little baby. To make it real. Joke was on me though!

I had talked Tim into coming with me to the OB, and we got there about 15 minutes early. They took us straight back. The nurse started with us, handed out a ton of education (which I loved), talked us through a lot of family health and personal health, and took some vitals. After waiting for a bit (in a deathly hot room) the certified nurse midwife (CNM) came bouncing in. She was great! Totally full of personality as well as very open and honest which I always appreciate. She introduced herself and said, “so you’re about 10 weeks along now?” Tim and I looked at each other, a little confused, and politely told her we were almost 12 weeks. She was quite confused! She was very upset that when I called (back in February), they told me that they typically don’t bother seeing patients until 12 weeks. I didn’t know any better! I figured that was just normal! So she pulled out the Doppler to check the heart beat, popped it right on and found it within seconds. It was so strong!! 170 BPM spot on J I was tickled! Even my husband was excited about it. So then she asks us when we plan on having the ultrasound. Another oops! Nobody had told me to schedule one! So she tells us to sit tight and she went to call the US site to see if they had any more appointments that afternoon. God bless her, she was able to get us in as the LAST appointment Friday afternoon right after she was done with us. Such a blessing!

When we got over to the imaging center, they took us straight back again (how awesome!) They had recently updated their facility and have these awesome, huge flat screen TV’s up on the wall in front of the bed so you don’t have to crane your neck to look around to the computer monitor anymore. She puts the (warm) gel on my stomach and the baby pops right up on the screen! It was incredible. The greatest part was as she pushed the ultrasound head down the baby twitched its arm and it looked like it was waving right at us! We were thrilled. It was really an awesome experience. I think this is really what made it real for my husband as well. He could actually see, in real time, the baby growing inside of me. Pretty special. Here’s a picture of our little bug!


A few things these appointments left me curious about. 1.) what is a normal baby’s heart rate, 2.) what can I tell from the US about the baby at this point, and 3.) and when can we have another one! Stay tuned for info on all of the above!

Basically, because so far I am a low risk pregnancy, we only get 3 ultrasounds. Bummer! The practice we go to said that pretty standard is a 12-week, a 20-week (when you can find out the gender if you so choose), and a 34-week. After the 34 week, you may have another, depending on how everything looks. Our CNM also filled us in on how often she and the other docs will want to check in. Other than skipping the typical 10 week visit (for the heart beat), they basically want us back once every month until 32 weeks, every other week until 36 weeks, and then weekly until baby is born. So really not a ton of appointments in a 6-month span. WebMD tells me that you may bump to every other week around 28 weeks and then weekly around 36 as well.

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