Your Growing Uterus

I have always been excited to be pregnant. But now that it’s here, and I don’t LOOK pregnant, I’m so curious as to what to expect over the next 30ish weeks. When will I truly start to show? When will it look more like a baby than I put on a few lbs? How much does my uterus grow as baby grows? All questions that will be addressed below!

Obviously your uterus has to grow enough to support your growing placenta and baby. Pre-pregnancy, the uterus is usually about the size of your fist, or a small orange. By week 10, your uterus has already grown to the size of a grapefruit (to support your little date sized baby!). By the end of the second trimester, your uterus should be about the size of a papaya, growing to the size of a large watermelon by the end of pregnancy (just slightly bigger than your baby!)

The largest period of fetal growth is typically between 16-20 weeks as baby finally begins to develop a thin layer of fat tissue. Here are two charts that map the change in length and weight based on gestational age. Note the differences in measurements!



And here are two GREAT pictures that depict the size of the uterus throughout pregnancy. This helped me understand what to expect my little bump to look like down the road!











Newton, Edward R and Linda May. “Adaptation of Maternal-Fetal Physiology to Exercise in Pregnancy: The Basis of Guidelines for Physical Activity in Pregnancy.” Clinical Medicine Insights: Women’s Health; 2017: 1-12.

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