Week 7

Baby is developing tiny little paddles on the end of arm and leg buds this week. Baby is also developing some basic facial features such as nostrils and eye lenses. Baby’s kidneys are beginning to take shape and his or her liver is beginning to produce red blood cells. Baby has doubled in size since last week and is now about ½ of an inch long, and your uterus has also doubled in size in the past 5 weeks! Hello pregnancy symptoms! Most mom’s have a barrage of symptoms by this point in pregnancy including, fatigue, nausea/morning sickness, tender breasts, frequent urination, headaches, increased thirst and many more!

Here are my week 7 pics!  Not much change yet!  However, I definitely felt pregnant this week!  Morning sickness?  Try evening sickness! Luckily no puking yet, but definitely NOT interested in eating much any time after 3pm at this point…













This week, baby is about the length of a Blueberry!

7 blueberry.jpg

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