The Disappearing Baby Bump

So there have been a good number of changes in the past three weeks. The two biggest have definitely been the big, full sore boobs and the nausea. Nausea really didn’t start until week 7 day 1, which I’m going to count as a blessing. But this whole week it’s been basically every day. Not so much in the morning as in the afternoon and it has been the worst in the evenings before bed. We’ve also been traveling this weekend so my diet has been horrendous. I looked in the mirror yesterday and I legit looked 4 months pregnant! Hope that goes back down!! But the boobs have been nuts! Totally sore, feeling huge and full. Crazy. Too bad my husband doesn’t seem to notice.

But the disappearing baby bump had me a bit startled a few days in a row now, so I decided to look it up! Here’s some information on why bump sizes are different in women and why it may fluctuate day to day and even sometimes morning to night!

  1. Body build has a huge effect on the look, shape and size of your bump. The longer your torso, the more room baby has to stretch up rather than outwards, resulting in a smaller bump.
  2. First time mom’s typically have smaller bumps early on due to the tension in their abdominal muscles (a previous pregnancy hasn’t stretched them out yet) and therefore usually look smaller
  3. The baby’s position (which comes into play more during the second and third trimester)
  4. The way your organ’s move in your abdominal cavity. For example, if your intestines move to the side of the uterus, you will likely fill out and be a little broader. If your intestines are just squished behind your uterus, you will have a more protruding bump
  5. Abdominal muscle tension – if you had strong and taut abs before pregnancy, you will likely appear smaller.  Want to stay small?  Keep doing those planks!
  6. Fluctuations in amniotic fluid which are normal throughout pregnancy
  7. Baby’s size/weight (which again, comes into play more during the second and third trimesters)
  8. Gas…ha! As we all know by now, progesterone has played a huge part in slowing down our digestive tract and increasing gas in our system. Makes sense though. The more air in your stomach, the larger you look!
  9. Amount of food in your stomach and intestines. For example, if you haven’t gone #2 in 2 days, you will likely look a bit rounder than immediately after you go!
  10. Fluid retention and hydration levels. If your body is retaining higher amounts of fluid because, say, you ate a very salty meal last night, you may look a little rounder today! If you’re dehydrated and haven’t replenished your fluids, you may look a little smaller!




Torgersen, Col Keiko and Carol Curran. “A Systematic Approach to the Physiologic Adaptations of Pregnancy.” Critical Care Nursing Quarterly; 2006: 29.

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