Documenting Pregnancy

Hindsight is always 20-20, isn’t that the catch phrase? One of the things I always strive for is not to let that darn hindsight bite me in the butt! So when we were trying to conceive, I started looking up cute ways to document pregnancy. Here are a few of my favorites!





















The basic differences that I found were same outfit v. different outfit, selfie v. someone else taking the picture, chalk board v. digitally edited script and then a couple different views (standard profile, silhouette, and looking down on the bump).  The problem was, I loved them all!  And I’ll be totally honesty. I have about 0% creativity in me, so THANK YOU PINTREST!!!!! I figured the silhouette would take way too much work, as would the cool one with the fruit and the bump picture, so we settled on the standard profile pictures.  My next problem was, I had NO IDEA what to wear! I didn’t even know what I would fit into by the end of pregnancy, so if we went with the same outfit, what if I couldn’t even get into it??  We ended up going with a few different outfit choices so that by 40 weeks, I can decide which ones I like the best and go from there!


So here I am pre-pregnancy (June, 2016), also just after we got married and I was in the best shape of my life.  Stay tuned for updated bump pics!




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