Holy Crap! I’m Pregnant!

WORST sleep of my life. I had about 6 dreams revolving around whether or not I was pregnant. I probably woke up every other hour from 11:30 on (mind you we went to bed around 9:30!) and every time my only thought was “is it too early to pee on the stick???” So finally, 5am I crawled out of bed. My husband, of course didn’t notice, snoring away as usual. I snuck into the bathroom, quietly pulled the pregnancy test out of the RIDICULOUSLY loud wrapper, sat down and peed. This awful stick! Apparently I had purchased a digital one, that proceeded to count down with little blipping squares until it finally read…..”PREGNANT.” Instantaneous tears. Holy Crap!! I’m pregnant!?!?!? How in the world is that possible!! Could we really be this blessed??? I HAVE TO TELL MY HUSBAND!!!!! I walked back into the bedroom, phone light shining on the stick, and gently woke him up. He was so confused. Later he told me he thought I had a splinter in my finger that I needed help getting out. I just stood there saying “read this, what does this say??” And finally I saw it sink in on his face. Holy Crap!! We are going to have a baby!!!!!

This was definitely one of the strangest feelings in my entire life. Being pregnant is something that I have been dreaming about since I was about 12. I’ve always wanted a lot of kids and I always knew I would be a mom eventually, but now it is finally here!! Unbelievable. Of course my mind was spinning. We have to decide on nursery colors, I have to schedule an appointment with the OB-GYN, I’m going to have to get some new clothes, how is the dog going to react? And my poor husband! Jokingly, one of the first things he says to me is “Well, I guess I have a permanent DD for the next 9 months.” Thanks a lot!! But truly, it was a wonderful morning. Of course we did not go back to sleep, so it ended up being a ridiculously long Monday, but definitely one of the best days of my life.

Figuring out your due date and other important dates in the next 40 weeks

For me, the due date was one of the most important dates we could know. It basically is the point from which life hangs from for the next year or so. It means a baby’s birthday. It means the beginning of our lives at parents. It means the beginning of a WHOLE new set of challenges. So here’s how you figure it out

  • Take the first day of your last period and that counts as Week 1, day 0
  • From that day, count out 40 weeks on the calendar, and that’s your due date!
  • Reasoning behind this ridiculous method – from what I’ve read, it sounds like it’s really too tough to determine exactly which day you ovulated (and all women’s cycles are slightly different), and it’s nearly impossible to count 38 weeks from that exact day. So, what doctors have decided is that they’ll standardize it to the first day of your last period, and tack 2 weeks onto the 38 week pregnancy. Simple as that. So truly, for the first 2 weeks counted, you really aren’t pregnant (which to me seems stupid, but whatever).
  • Some other important milestones are the trimesters in which pregnancy is divided. Basically it is split into three groupings based on your body’s physiological changes and the baby’s growth.
  • Now, again, here is where the research differs book to book.
  • The first trimester is considered to begin the first day of your last period (week 1, day 0) and end following EITHER week 12, 13 or 14, depending on where you get your information.
  • WebMD tells me:1.jpg
    • 1st trimester – weeks 1-12
    • 2nd trimester – weeks 13-27
    • 3rd trimester – weeks 28-birth (or week 40)
  • What to Expect, The Bump, the Baby Center tell me:
    • 1st trimester – weeks 1-13
    • 2nd trimester – weeks 14-27
    • 3rd trimester – weeks 28-birth (or week 40)
  • American Pregnancy tells me
    • 1st trimester – weeks 1-13
    • 2nd trimester – weeks 14-26
    • 3rd trimester – weeks 27-birth (or week 40)
  • So take what you will from that. Pregnancy in truth is considered to be 280 days, which divides evenly into 40 weeks, but doesn’t divide evenly into trimesters (13.33 weeks/trimester).

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