That Stinkin’ Faint Blue Line

Thinking back, it’s funny that I didn’t suspect anything. I had all of my normal PMS symptoms (1 day early mind you)….the moodiness, the AWFUL headache that usually starts around 12 Friday and sends me to bed early, and even some mild PMS cramps. All very typical. And I specifically remember (week 2, day 1) having butterflies in my stomach ALL day, for no apparent reason, I cried (week 3, day 2 – happened to be valentines day) because my husband didn’t bring me home any flowers, so naturally that meant he didn’t love me, I stalled my car out in the morning of week 3, day 3 which I haven’t done in YEARS, the strangest of all symptoms, and my period had not come by 2pm week 4 day 0 (Sunday) which was pretty rare.

Sunday afternoon, Tim had gone golfing, and I was a couple hours late, so I took a non digital pregnancy test. The little pregnancy line did in fact turn VERY (really hard to see in this pict, very faintly blue (see the picture below, even though its very hard to see), so I panicked, did what I always do and looked up online anything and everything I could find about a faint blue positive.

Faint blue line.JPG

So apparently, the “faint” blue line is pretty common.   A couple reasons that it may appear to be faint instead of clear are; you may not have a lot of hCG in your urine yet (especially if you are testing the day before, of or right after your missed period), you are super hydrated so the hCG in your urine is diluted, or it may be what is called the evaporation line (basically some of the blue ink from the control line bleeds into the pregnancy line which may cause some confusion). My doctor recommended that I take the test first thing in the morning for the most accurate result. Furthermore, all of the pregnancy tests that I looked at have pretty clear charts on the box indicating their accuracy at each day around your missed period. Make sure you pay close attention to the directions as well and only wait the amount of time recommended.

So basically Google told me that any line is a positive line, but Google also told me that there are of course false positives if it’s super faint, it may have just bleed over from the control line.   So I was definitely suspicious going into Sunday night.


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