10 Ways to Manage the 2 Week Wait

I was one of the lucky ones. We only had to go through this phase one time. And after just that once, I truly cannot imagine having to go through this month after month, so props to you mommas who have been trying for months on end! My prayers are with you! Since I know many of you have gone through this many times, here are some tips that I’ve found to help cope with the wait!

  1. You’re going to feel like you’re getting your period, whether you are or aren’t. Take all symptoms with a grain of salt. It’s tough to determine if its PMS or something more.  Get OFF of the computer! Stop comparing your symptoms to anyone else’s at this point. Symptoms are so minimal before the time you can take a pregnancy test that it’s not worth comparing. Truly.
  2. Treat yourself. Go to the spa, get a massage, take a bubble bath or do whatever you need to RELAX! Your body will be more likely to adapt to all of the changes that pregnancy will bring. Actually, research has suggested that stress during pregnancy, specifically measured by cortisol levels, may be related to adverse birth outcomes such as low birth weight and preterm births.
  3. It’s normal to spot during implantation, which would happen around week 4, day 0 if you are in fact pregnant. This will be much lighter than your regular period and probably look light brown or black instead of red.
  4. Try (hard as it may be) to stop thinking about it. For you, if this means staying busy, reading a book, watching a movie, or taking a hike, do it!
  5. Regardless, act like you’re pregnant. Start taking those prenatal vitamins (see This blog), stop drinking and smoking and start avoiding foods high in mercury, undercooked meats/fish and lunchmeat.
  6. Trust the odds. Check out this post on specific stats!
  7. Keep on exercising! This will not only prepare your body for pregnancy but it will also help with the stress of waiting!
  8. PRAY!  It’s been in God’s hands the whole time, and sure is now.  Let Him hold your fears too 🙂
  9. Try your hardest NOT to take a pregnancy test until the day after you miss your period. This will decrease your changes of a false positive and false hope.
  10. Try journaling, blogging, or talking to your partner about your hopes and fears. Keeping emotions bottled up is never healthy, especially when it involves huge life changes like trying to become pregnant. Chances are, your partner is anxious to find out too, even if he isn’t showing it like you are, and journaling is a great way to outlet some emotions!



Good luck!





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Bolten, Margarete et. al. “Cortisol Levels in Pregnancy as a Psychobiological Predictor for Birth Weight.” Arch Womens Ment Health; 2011: 14, 33-41.

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