I generally like to think of myself as a very organized, methodical and prepared person. I am a 27-year-old physical therapist (PT). I decided in 7th grade that I was going to be a PT. I shadowed my aunt for career shadowing day, and decided right then and there that this was going to be my career. I graduated from an accelerated 6 year PT program at a small private school, where I met my husband and have never looked back. And believe me, I do understand how rare that is. I am one of three daughters and have fantastic and supportive parents. I was also blessed with a wonderful family of in-laws. I wholeheartedly believe in God and know that his plan is greater than mine (even if mine is written out a lot more clearly than his sometimes) and that’s about all there is to me. My husband and I were married 10/17/15. We have a BEAUTIFUL golden retriever named Nica who I totally adore, and we live in a very nice, well-kept apartment complex with lots of walking paths for the pup and I. My husband works as an outpatient therapist with a pretty regular schedule, although he is home late Mondays and Wednesdays. I, on the other hand, have a very irregular schedule. I work at 3 different hospitals currently as well as in early intervention (basically I go to peoples homes and work with their children birth-3 years old with disabilities and delays), and I absolutely love what I do. Every day is completely different and keeps me on my toes.

Deciding to have a baby was a huge step for my husband and me.   Probably mostly based off of two deciding factors, our “readiness” to truly settle down and our finances (mostly due to crappy student loans). When we were on our honeymoon (the January after we got married), late one night I brought up that I wanted a definitive “start” date for when we could pull the goalkeeper. God bless my husband! He knows how much I love to plan and like to have things in a specific order and locked down to the minute. So we finally agreed that January 1, 2017 we would pull the plug.   I was so excited. This was HUGE! It was really the final piece of the puzzle that I’ve been building since that day in 7th grade when I decided how I wanted my life to go. I put the date right into the calendar and started working on getting our finances in order that very week.

With my love for reading and research, and my inability to find one single website that held good, reliable, journal worthy information as well as the “what to expect” type of information from other moms, I have decided to publish a blog that will hopefully capture both sides to the story. I would really like to be able to provide easy access to evidence based information on relevant topics in the pregnancy world along with my experiences through the journey. Please reach out to me if there are certain topics you would like me to look into or things that you would like more information on. I truly love a good research project, and I really hope that this can benefit other women out there looking for good information just like me!

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